The Valley Glasshoppers Inc. Established on March 8, 1988 by a group of dedicated glass collectors that gathered in the home of Bob and Jeanne Spaid for the first meeting of what would become The Valley Glasshoppers, Inc. Eric Kirk moderated at these meetings until a set of by-laws and a election of officers could be made. On June 5, 1988 the first official "Valley Glasshoppers" meeting commenced. After the voting of a club name and election of officers, the results were as follows:

Club Name: Valley Glasshoppers


President- Joyce Coverston

Vice President- Eric Kirk

Secretary- Nancy Malloy (1 month) 

                   Pat Conner (remainder of term)

Treasurer- Candi Bowers

Editor- Fred Abernathy

Valley GlassHoppers

Our Beginnings.....

Charter Members

Abernathy, Frederick

Bailey, Rick

Barbe, Barbara

Bettendorf, Joan

Bowers, Candice & John

Bowers, Gene & Patti

Cain, Stuart & Barbara

Chapman, Bill & Jane

Conner, Pat & Raymond

Coverston, Jim & Joyce

Cunningham, Coy & Jeannette

Dick, Melvin

Einstein, Jack & Helena

Glover, Duell & Marjorie

Gregory, Mildred

Hardesty, Lucy

Jackson, Charlie & Bay

Jackson, Vivienne

Kerns, William & Madalene

Kirk, Eric

Kowalski, Frank & Helen

Molloy, Nancy

Myers, Betty

Rutherford, Bobby

Schamel, George & Eileen

Sharp, Peggy

Smith, Charles

Spaid, Bob & Jeanne

Thompson, James D.

Thompson, Shirley

Webster, Jeff

Wingfield, Betty & Dennis